Despite the abundance of websites that sell anabolic steroids, it is not so easy to buy them.

There is a number of reasons for this.

1 Quality of Products

Since the selling of anabolic steroids is rather profitable business, it attracts dishonest people who have no understanding in this field but want to make money on it. They sell everything without worrying about the quality. Very often they sell the cheapest products (with lowest quality) in order to create competition. In this way they rely on the customers who don’t understand brands, and those who want to buy as cheap as possible. At the same time these dishonest sellers spend money on advertising to occupy top places in Google search.


2 Payment

Since the selling of medical products without license is prohibited in many countries, the sellers on the Internet are limited in the choice of payment methods.

Note that accepting money for medical products using credit cards is almost impossible. In 99% of cases, those who accept cards are either fraudsters or do not sell real drugs!!!!

For example or – these companies sell vitamins under the guise of anabolic steroids. If you look closer at the description of their drugs, you will see only vitamins, caffeine and other substances that are not related to anabolic steroids.

Even the names of their drugs only mimic the names of anabolic steroids. However, even this fraudulent scheme cannot exist without support of higher instances.

Honest sellers usually deal with such payment methods as WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Amazon Gift Vouchers, Bitcoin and Direct Bank Transfer. All these methods are associated with additional charges and certain difficulties.

For example, Western Union and MoneyGram constantly block recipients and impose limitations. Therefore, you have to involve a lot of people and constantly shuffle them. The price of Bitcoin is not stable and there are difficulties in converting it into fiat money.


3 Service and delivery

Many companies start this business without sufficient experience and do not know that it is connected with large overheads. Sometimes the parcel may be lost at customs. For security reasons reliable sellers write nonexistent return address. Therefore if a client makes mistake in address, the parcel will go to nowhere without the possibility of return.

In order to maintain reputation, experienced sellers have to deal with unforeseen situations at their own expense. All these factors force experienced sellers to raise prices.

Inexperienced sellers want to make quick money and reduce the price in order to compete. However, they cannot provide the necessary level of service. As a result, in case of unforeseen situationsa client will suffer. Therefore, if you see cheap products, it may also mean the absence of service.



4 Suppression by Google

Google imposes sanctions on such type of business as the sale of medications without license. (It is absolutely unrealistic for online sellers to get a license. Local pharmacies can afford it by paying a huge amount of money.) Therefore, Google suppresses numerous online pharmacies and it is very hard to find them in google search results.

At the same time, new unscrupulous companies invest in Google ads in order to make quick money and displace old reliable websites in google search. It takes time for Google to understand what these companies do.

Sometimes you can come across such a situation, when on the request of  “buy anabolics” Google provides several dozens of websites that redirect the user to the same store with poor quality of products.

These companies invest a large amount of money in the black methods of website promotion, which gives a short-term result. Although Google will prevent such activity over time, the old and reliable sellers suffer from this tactics. They cannot afford to do the same thing, as they care about their reputation.

Here are some reliable online stores: is a very old and reliable online pharmacy. More than 10 years on the market. Thousands of satisfied customers. is a relatively new online pharmacy with a favorable retail policy. is a large information portal on anabolics and steroids