Proviron – Provimed (Masterlone)

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Company: CS Balkan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Moldova)

Usage: oral

Description Provimed (Proviron) (Masterlone)

Proviron (Masterolone) is a very strong androgen, which is 3-4 times more powerfull than testosterone. One might call it a “super drug” to increase strenth and mass. But unfortunately it has no anabolic properties and there is no convertion into estrogen.

There is an enzyme in the body, which controls the levels of DHT by converting it into inactive compound, when they are too high. This very enzyme also leads reaction in the opposite direction, when the levels of DHT are too low. Thus, this substance is useless for muscle hypertrophy, but it is quite effective in fighting estrogen. This feature makes it a competitor to such compounds like Tamoxifen Citrate or Clomiphen.

Applications of Proviron

It has four applications in bodybuilding:

  • Anti-estrogen. Proviron eliminates such side-effects as increased water retention and gynecomastia. It prevents conversion of other steroids into estrogen and partially blocks estrogen receptors. Proviron is more powerfull than Tamoxifen (the latter is used for a longer period).
  • Activation of testosterone. 98% of testosterone in an organism is inactive, as it is bound to certain proteins. By replacing testosterone Proviron releases it into the blood, thus producing testosterone related effects (e.g. gain of mass).
  • Increase of rigidity and quality of muscles. By reducing water retention it provides an effect of high-quality lean muscles. Due to this feature Proviron is very popular among actors and models. They take it to get sportive look before shooting. Mesterolone, as well as other methylated form of DHT called drostanolone, is quite effective in this aspect.
  • Recovery of sexual activity. In medical practice Proviron is usually prescribed to treat low levels of testosterone or chronic impotence. These side-effects, called “decreased libido”, are common with bodybuilders doing long cycles with such potent steroids as trenbolone or nandrolone.

Mesterolone produces no side effects in men, which makes it very popular among bodybuilders. Though in high doses it can cause virilization in women. The dosage of 50 mg per day is usually enough to fulfil all four applications, and there is no necessity to increase it.

Proviron is more preferable than Nolvadex among male athletes, because it provides better muscle hardness, high androgen and low estrogen levels. Remember that Proviron doesn’t cure the loss of strength caused by downfall of testosterone production at the end of a cycle. So, athletes should use HCG or clomiphen to solve it.

Dosage and usage

The sufficient dosage of Proviron is 50 mg/day, though some athletes take 100 and even 250 mg/day. Normally the daily dosage is  Р25 mg (tablet) in the morning- and 25 mg in the evening. The combination of 50 mg Proviron and 20 mg Nolvadex per day can completely suppress estrogen. However, remember that estrogen plays significant role in creating muscles. Its suppression leads to lower gains. So it is important to find a balance between negative and positive effects of estrogen.

Combinations with Proviron

It is mostly used as anti-estrogen substance, but it can also increase gains. You can combine it with testosterone, which leads to higher levels of free testosterone and less convertion into estrogen. All this results in high-quality lean gains.

Combinations with other steroids, such as dianabol (methandrostenolone), boldenone undecanoate and nandrolone, leads to increase of muscle hardness and reduces adverse effects of estrogen.
Boldenone with proviron makes a good combination for a cutting cycle, which sometimes can be complemented with deca and winstrol. It`s reasonable to take proviron along with substances decreasing libido, e.g. nandrolone.

Detection times

2 months

Side effects

Usually proviron is safe for liver, but if you take it for more than 10-12 weeks you may expect minor increase of liver values. Proviron has rather small side-effects in men. So, you can safely take it for several weeks in combination with other steroids. High dosages increase blood pressure and lead to premature baldness, sexual overstimulation and prolonged erection.As it can lead to damage of penis, it’s reasonable to stop using it or reduce the dose.

Only 34% of recipients observe minor decrease in endocrine glands function. Proviron has little influence on the work of HPTA (hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis) and does not affect LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH ( follicle stimulating hormone) at a dosage of 100-150 mg / day.

It can’t replace Clomid as hormone therapy, but makes no problems, too.
To underline all above said, mesterolone does not change the levels of steroids, thyroid hormones, gonadotropins and prolactin.

Female usage

We do not recommend women to take more than 25 mg / day (1 tablet). It may cause androgenic side effects, especially in case of high doses and prolonged use (more than 4 weeks). 25 mg of Proviron / day and 20 mg of Nolvadex / day is a normal dosage for female athletes seeking good results. If you combine it with a diet, it accelerates fat burning and makes muscles harder.
Formerly female athletes took proviron for a year to look lean before the contests. But today, clenbuterol / albuterol does the job without risks of virilization.

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