Testosterona-E (Testosterone Enanthate)

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Company: CS Balkan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Moldova)

Usage: injectable

Description testosterone enanthate 250

Testosterone-containing products are probably the best for mass-gain. It’s hard to find a serious bodybuilder, who doesn’t use testosterone in his training. A perfect price/effect ratio makes testosterone incomparable with other steroids

Testosterone is the most important hormone of a male organism. It performs many functions there. One of them is muscle growth, which makes it perfectly suitable for bodybuilding. Though there is nothing more powerful than testosterone – it’s not ideal and has certain disadvantages. Therefore there are niches for other steroids.

Testosterone products

Testosterone enanthate 250, as well as cypionate, belongs to long-acting esters of testosterone. The difference between them is in molecular weight and size. The cypionate molecule is a little bit heavier. So, 100 mg of testosterone enanthate 250 will contain ~12% more testosterone than 100 mg of cypionate, but less than testosterone propionate. Though both esters are almost the same, cypionate has prolonged time of action due to its long molecule which is hard to degrade.

This feature makes long-acting steroids more convenient. They require less injections comparing to short-living ones. For example, testosterone propionate or pure testosterone is quickly eliminated from the body. Hence they require injections every other day. At the same time cypionate requires only 1 shot per week. On the other hand, short-living steroids are easier to control. Meanwhile, if you stop using long-acting steroid its effects and side-effects will last for 3-4 weeks.

Testosterone easily transforms into estradiol and moreover dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The latter increases its androgenic effects – influence on prostate, body hair growth, increased libido. Unfortunately, DHT has no effect in muscle cells.

The effects of testosterone

Numerous studies show that high testosterone dosages increase the number of androgen receptors in muscle fibers. Besides, the combination of power training with anabolic steroids (testosterone) causes hypertrophy of muscles due to the formation of new muscle fibers. The increase of muscle satellite cells under the large doses of steroids is the major cause of this effect. Furthermore, testosterone enanthate 250 even at a weekly dose of 3 mg/kg of body weight increases growth hormone levels by 22%, and insulin growth factor by 21%.

In other words, testosterone makes existing muscle cells not only enlarge by themselves, but also produce new cells. This results in muscle gains and increase in power. Usually new muscle fibers appear at high dosages. Among other positive factors one should mention improvement of immune system, general well-being and libido.
Bodybuilders use Testosterone enanthate 250 mainly to gain mass, and its conversion into estrogen plays here a positive role. It makes good results both on novices and advanced athletes.

The effectiveness of steroids depends on enzymes which destroy them. For example, 5-Alpha-Reductase converts testosterone and its long-acting esters into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It’s good for libido, but useless for building muscles. Unlike skin and prostate, in muscles DHT is almost inactive. Thus, testosterone is not ideal substance for those who have high level of 5-Alpha-Reductase. You can find out it by special medical tests or attentively observing your body reactions.

Dosage and usage

Inject Testosterone enanthate 250 every 5-7 days into big muscles like upper leg or buttocks. To avoid inflammation one should change the spot of injections. Some professional bodybuilders inject up to 2000mg (2 grams) of testosterone enanthate daily(!) but we don’t think this dosage is fit for everyone. The usual dosage for advanced users is about 2000 mg / week and 500 mg/week for novices. Lower dosages do not make noticeable effect. If you take less than 500 mg, a combination with other anabolic is required (e.g. deca). The lowest possible dosage is 250 mg/week, but it’s better to stick to 500 mg / week.

Testosterone Enanthate 250 Combinations

Testosterone can be taken alone as it is very powerful steroid. So 500-1000mg of testosterone enanthate 250 or cypionate alone can make noticeable results over 8-10 weeks cycle. The influence of testosterone is so effective that other steroids play the role of an additional supplement. However, if athlete have serious goals a combination is required. By taking primobolan, nandrolone decanoate (deca-durabolin) or boldenone (equipoise) one can reduce the amount of testosterone, and accordingly negative side effects.

Due to it’s influence on androgen receptors in muscle cells testosterone can be combined with virtually any other steroid. Great results can be achieved when using testosterone enanthate in combination with nandrolone esters, methandrosterolone or oxymetholon (anadrol, anapolon), trenbolone or boldenone (equipoise). A combination of testosterone enanthate + nandrolone phenilpropionate + methandrosterolone produces “super bulking” effect.

Popular Combinations

Usual period of testosterone enanthate cycles is 8-10, sometimes 12 weeks. Here is a very popular combination for “mass gain”. 500 mg of testosterone enanthate 250 / week + 400 mg of nandrolone decanoate (deca-duraboline) / week + anti-estrogen during and after cycle.

A milder bulking effect can be achieved by using testosterone enanthate 500 mg/week with primobolan 400-600 mg/week. This combination is much safer, because primobolan is not aromatized. Though it has lower gains due to its lower anabolic properties (than deca). Low estrogen level causes lower mass gains but resulted muscle mass will be more lean and dry. As always with testosterone PCT and anti-estrogen are still required.

There is also a combination of testosterone enanthate 250 with boldenone (equipoise) 200-400 mg/week. The latter is more powerful than nandrolone and has lower side-effects. Though this combination is for bulking, boldenone provides similar effects of primobolan (dry mass gains), but much stronger.

One can combine testosterone almost with all steroids. But nandrolone, primobolan and boldenone are the best partners for bulking cycles. Other steroids can provide additional effects. For example, oxandrolone (anavar) provides strength and can be used when bulking is not necessary. If only mass is preferable, one can simply increase testosterone dosages until side effects will show up.

For example, if you started a “bulking cycle” doing 250 mg of testosterone / week and your results are not satisfactory, there is no need to combine it with other steroid, let’s say, deca. The best solution here is to increase the dosage of testosterone up to 500 mg / week. But if you are looking for milder bulking with less side effects, then combination of 250 mg of testosterone/week and 200 mg of boldenone/week (with PCT afterwards) will be an optimal solution.

Other cycles

The other pre-competition cycle which is worth mentioning is 500 mg of testosterone enanthate 250/week + turanabol (turinabol) or oxandrolone (anavar) 40-50 mg / day.

A 8-week cycle for advanced users begins with testosterone enanthate 250 and testosterone cypionate 400 mg/week each. Gradually decrease dosage up to 100 mg on the last week. Use oxandrolone (anavar) along with it starting from 80 mg / day. Decrease the dosage by 10 mg every week until you reach 10 mg/day on the last week. For amateurs the testosterone dosages start with 200 mg/week and fall down to 25 mg/w on the last week, with the same dosage of anavar.

A combo for PRO: oxydrol (anadrol, anapolon) 100-150 mg / ED for 8 weeks + nandrolone decanoate (deca-duraboline) 400 mg/week for 7 weeks. Decrease dosage on last two weeks + testosterone enanthate 500-1000 mg (peak on the mid) for 10 weeks + testosterone cypionate 400-800 mg / week (peak on the mid) + dianabol 50-20 mg on weeks 8-11. One should take anti-estrogen starting from week 2 or 3 till the end, and also HCG on weeks 4-5 and 9-11, 5000 IU / week. Take Tamoxifen/clomiphen after the cycle to boost natural hormone production, HCG will just smoothen this downfall.

Detection times

All testosterone substances have long detection time especially long-acting ones. They can be detected in a doping tests up to three months after the cycle.

Side effects PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

Aromatase easily converts testosterone. Thus, in high doses it can lead to estrogen-related side effects. Such as gynecomastia, female-pattern fat deposits, water retention etc. But usually these problems begin at high doses – from 1 gram (1000mg)/ week or more. Thus, it is reasonable to take anti-estrogens like arimidex, proviron, tamoxifen or clomiphene. The side effects are usually low when you take testosterone at the dosage of 500-600 mg /week. But it depends on sensitivity of an organism. So, if any problem appears a tab of clomiphen 50mg or tamoxifen 20mg can solve it.

The androgen-related side effects include baldness and prostate enlargement. This happens to people with high level of 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, or in case of overdose. High doses of testosteron even more than 2000mg / week do not damage liver or other organs. The natural testosterone production usually restores after a cycle without any problems.

Post Cycle Therapy

25-50mg of arimidex/day OR 25-50 mg of proviron/day during the cycle. In case of “heavy” cycles take up to 100 mg of proviron. Proviron along with testosterone injections can promote gains by increasing free testosterone in blood. Remember that estrogen converted from androgen plays an important role in bulding muscles. So, the more anti-estrogen you use – the less estrogen-related side effects you have. But also the less gains. It’s up to an athlete to decide what is more important.

Some athletes worry about such side effects caused by DHT – deep voice, baldness, prostate hypertrophy. In this case one should take 1 tab / ED of finasteride (propecia, proscar, fincar). It inhibits 5-alpha-reductaze and correspondingly conversion of testosterone into DHT. Again, it’s a question of a balance. As DHT is much stronger than testosterone (about 300%), it`s positive effects increase along with negative ones. Also, if androgen-related side effects concern you, do not use proviron, as it resembles DHT. In this case it’s better to use arimidex as anti-estrogen.

The natural testosterone production falls down during cycle and must be restored afterwards. If you don’t do this you can lose much of gains. Also you`ll have such problems as low libido and shrinkage of testicles. This is noticeable especially after long cycles. In the early history of steroids the science was less advanced and many bodybuilders have suffered from side effects.
“Big and fatty”, “small and tiny”, “heart problems” – all these horror stories caused prohibition of steroids in different countries. Luckily, today we know how to avoid side effects.

Human Chorionic Gonadtropin in Post Cycle Therapy

Among Post Cycle Therapy substances one should mention Human Chorionic Gonadtropin (HCG, Pregnyl), tamoxifen (nolvadex, cymoplex, cytotam) / clomiphene (clomid, fertomid). Tamoxifen is more powerful – 40 mg (2 tabs 20 mg) of tamoxifen equals 150 mg (3 tabs 50 mg) of clomiphene.

Take Human Chorionic Gonadtropin on the last week of cycle at the dosage of 1500-3000 IU every 5-7 days. The dosage depends on the amount of testosterone taken during your cycle. It acts like natural LH which boosts testosterone production, and thus restoring size of testicles. The period of HCG usage is 2-4 weeks. Stop using HCG two weeks before you stop using tamoxifen / clomiphen.

Usage of HCG is obligatory, but if you can’t get it, replace it with higher dosages of clomiphene/tamoxifene – 3-4 tabs/ED for two weeks. In two weeks after the cycle is over (if you took HCG) take 2 tabs of tamoxifen 20 mg or 3 tabs of clomiphene 50 mg for two weeks. After that, two more weeks with 1 tab of tamoxifen (or 2 tabs of clomiphene)/day.

PCT Conclusion

Arimidex or Proviron are during-cycle anti-estrogens. Tamoxifen and clomid are post-cycle estrogen antagonists which also boost natural testosterone production. HCG helps to smoothen downfall of testosterone levels after the cycle.

Female usage

Though they use testosterone enanthate in medical practice to treat females and even children, we do not recommend it for females with normal testosterone levels. Always remember that the excess of testosterone causes virilization. But there are different ethers, like testosterone undecanoate, which women can without risks of virilization.

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