Anavar [Oxandrolon] (Oxandrolone)

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Company: CS Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Usage: oral

Description Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar (Oxandrolone, Oxanol) belongs to Class I anabolic steroids. Its best efficiency can be achieved in combination with Class II steroids such as Dianabol or Anadrol. It adds little to high doses of Class I steroids (e.g. trenbolone) or high doses of testosterone. But can be rather helpful along with low or moderate doses of testosterone.

Some athletes call Anavar a “weak” steroid. This is due to the fact that Class I steroids alone are not too effective. The other reason is that some authors make wrong comparison when judging steroid activity.

Dosage and Usage

For example, Anavar is produced in 2.5 mg tabs, you have to take 20 mg daily (140mg/week). So,If you take 8 tabs a day and it does little, then you call it weak. But actually there are not too many substances that can make dramatic results at this dose. For instance, testosterone at this dosage also does little, but nobody calls it weak. Recently Oxandrolone manufacturer started to make higher dose tabs which rehabilitated its reputation.

But the best results can be achieved when you combine it with Class II compounds. In this case it is rather effective at the dose of 50 – 75 mg a day. It is resistant to aromatization and doesn’t transform into DHT. The half life of Oxandrolone is 8 hours. So if you take it in the morning it will disappear by night, still it provides quite effective levels of androgen for the whole day and early evening.

Anavar , Abdominal fat and Testosterone

There are medical reports that oxandrolone is more potent than testosterone and nandrolone in its ability to reduce abdominal fat in obese old men. But in this case low doses of steroids were studied. However at the dosages used for bodybuilding purposes both Testosterone and Nandrolone are as suitable for abdominal fat loss as oxandrolone.

The low dose efficiency of Anavar is probably due to synergistic effect with natural testosterone. Besides in this dosage it may not suppress the natural testosterone. Meanwhile even low doses of testosterone or nandrolone can make significant suppression of natural testosterone production. Thus, being less effective.

Side effects

As well as other 17-alkylated steroids Anavar is liver toxic. So, the rule of “no more than 6 weeks usage” should be applied to Anavar, as well as to other 17-alkylated orals. If you are concerned with liver toxicity issues, you can substitute Anavar with Trenbolone or Primobolan.

Some bodybuilders use Anavar as a bridging agent connecting cycles (usually only in the morning). The usual dosage for bridging purposes is at least 20 mg. We think it’s a good idea but it should be done only after full restoration of natural testosterone levels. Besides, during bridging you have to monitor testosterone levels and don’t forget about the liver toxicity.

Female usage

There is a misbelieve that Anavar does not cause virilization at low dosages. But in reality even the dosages lower than 20mg a day can lead to virilization related side-effects.


It’s better not to use Anavar during a cycle, because there is plenty of cost-efficient substances that can provide the same results without additional liver toxicity. But Anavar is optimal as bridging agent between cycles, of cause if you use it not for a long time. Besides, if fast acting injectable steroid is not at hand, or there is a gap between the last injection and PCT, then it’s time for Anavar to make the gains.

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