Androgel (Testogel, testosterone sachets)

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Company: Abbott Laboratories (USA)

Usage: transdermal

Description Androgel (Testogel, testosterone sachets)

Usually Androgel (Testogel, testosterone sachets) comes in boxes containing 30 sachets. Though, the number of sachets may differ depending on the brand. Each 5 g sachet contains 50 mg of testosterone, thus the total amount of testosterone is 1500 mg.

In medical practice they use Androgel for treating deficiency of testosterone in men by replacing natural hormone. This deficiency (hypogonadism) causes decreased libido, low density of bones, lean body mass, increase of visceral fat, worsening of mood etc. Numerous medical tests proved that transdermal application of Androgel rehabilitates testosterone up to normal level and positively influences on body composition.

Dosage and usage

Androgel has only transdermal application. It contains natural testosterone in a pure form which penetrates through the skin within several minutes without leaving any remnants. Apply it in the morning in the areas of upper arm, shoulder or abdomen. You should take the daily dosage (5 g) at the same time to keep the levels of testosterone stable. Do not exceed 10 g a day.

“The more, the better” is not correct here. The tuning of dosage should be accomplished in 2.5 g steps. Apply the gel into clean, dry and healthy areas of skin. Let it dry for at least 5 minutes before getting dressed. Do not take shower for at least 6 hours.

Androgel reduces the symptoms of hypogonadism but does not cure the cause of the desease. Thus you have to take Androgel every day for life. Testosterone-replacement therapy is usually prescribed for all men over 40. The dosage increases with age, however before making prescription your doctor must do proper tests. Some males may keep sufficient level of testosterone for a longer period, so use Androgel wisely.

Androgel Stacking

Androgel is not for bodybuilding purposes. Do not combine it with other substances; it is for testosterone replacement therapy only.

Side effect and PCT

As Androgel is a pure testosterone, we can expect testosterone and androgen related side-effects. But the action of Androgel is rather weak, so you can neglect side-effect issues. However long-term usage of testosterone may cause aromatization, thus estrogen related side-effects become an issue (e.g. growing breast). Besides, there can be transformation into DHT which leads to destruction of hair follicles.

These two processes (bitchy tits and boldness) may occur naturally in elderly men without using any testosterone. The low dosages of finasteride or tamoxifen citrate may solve this problem.It may also increase hematocrit, which is good for stamina, but can be dangerous for elderly men due to high blood viscosity. There is also a possible reduction of sperm count, which decreases fertility.

Among other side effects are: erythema, acne, dry skin, prostatic disorders, urinary obstruction, gynecomastia, mastalgia, dizziness, hyper- and paresthesia, amnesia, mood disorders, hypertension, diarrhea, alopecia, polycythemia, increased serum lipids, pruritus, arterial vasodilatation, nausea, cholestatic jaundice, increased libido, nervousness, myalgia, oligospermia and priapism.

But don’t get scared, most of men do not experience anything of it.

Doping control

Bodybuilders should be aware that testosterone and it’s products can make positive reaction in doping control tests.


Androgel is prescribed to treat confirmed hypogonadism. It’s too weak to use it in bodybuilding. So it would be more efficient to use injectable testosterone (e.g. sustanon) at the same cost.


Suspicion concerning prostate or breast cancer, hypersensitivity to testosterone or any other component of the gel, unhealthy skin condition. Planning to have children – in this case you have to stop using Androgel several months before it, we also recommend using of clomiphene citrate.

Keep it away from children under the age of 18, as it may disturb the natural production of testosterone. Women must avoid it due to high possibility of androgen related side effects (masculinisation). In pregnant women the virilizing effect can transfer to the fetus. Androgel does not treat male impotence or sterility.

Special warnings and precautions

You have to attentively observe prostate and breast. Besides, before using Androgel your doctor should make tests to ensure that you don’t have existing prostate or breast cancer. Due to bone metastases, cancer patients at risk of hypercalcemia (or hypercalciuria) should regular monitor serum calcium concentrations.

Androgel may induce edema and congestive cardiac failure in patients with cardiac, hepatic or renal insufficiency. In this case, you must cease Androgel usage immediately. As testosterone may increase blood pressure, the patients suffering from hypertension should use Androgel with caution.

If you are on long-term androgen treatment the laboratory tests of hemoglobin, hematocrit and liver functions should be conducted regularly. It also may aggravate the symptoms of epilepsy and migraine. If you have a high level of red blood cells, take aspirin to reduce blood viscosity. If you want to take stronger anticoagulants you must consult your doctor first.

In order to prevent testosterone transmission to female, there should be a 6 hour gap between Androgel application and intimate contact. Take the shower and wear the clothing to cover the area of application. If woman or child contacts the gel, thoroughly wash the skin.

Female usage of Androgel

Not for women, it causes virilization.

Androgel Storage

Keep it in a cool dry place with a temperature below 25°C. Do not store it in the bathroom or in the car – humidity and heat can damage the medicine.

Pharmacologically inactive ingredients

Carbomer 980, isopropyl myristate, ethanol 96%, sodium hydroxide, purified water.

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