Cabaser [Dostinex] (Cabergoline)

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Company: Pharmacia & Upjohn (Italy)

Usage: Instruction

Description Cabaser (Cabergoline)

The initial purpose of Cabaser (Dostinex, Cabergoline) was to lower prolactin level in people with pituitary tumors. But later this substance turned out to have absolutely unpredictable fantastic “side-effect” – it makes sex better. And very quickly it acquired new name – “The pleasure drug”.

Dosage and usage

The usual dosage is ½ a tablet every four days. This is enough to enhance libido and sex drive. But people take 1 tablet every four days. One should remember that Cabaser is certified for treatment of hyperprolactinemia, and it doesn’t have official approval as a sex boosting drug.

For how long time will it last me?

One bottle of Cabaser contains 20 tabs. At the dosage 1 tab every 4 days, it will last you about two and a half months. But if you take half a tab every 4 days, it will be enough for more than 5 months.

How does it differ from Viagra?

Cabaser greatly differs from Viagra. The effect of Viagra is in increase of blood flow in the penis, which eventually leads to erection. Though it is rather helpful to get erection, it’s not enough for a good sex. Viagra influences only erectile dysfunction and has nothing to do with other sexual aspects – excitement, orgasm and ejaculation.

This is why many men taking Viagra complain that despite good erection, the sex is not the same as in their youth. The reason of it is in lower sex drive. And this is exactly the point where Cabaser differs from Viagra. It does enhance sex drive, orgasm and ejaculation.

Cabaser and prolactin

Cabaser belongs to dopaminergic family of drugs that suppress prolactin, which is famous as libido killer. Prolactin is secreted in women after giving birth, that is why they have very low sex drive at this time. The increased levels of prolactin also decrease sex drive in men. This condition may occur normally in healthy men, with age, or in some pathological cases like prolactinoma.

Prolactin release occurs straight after ejaculation and it causes feeling that ‘you don’t want anymore’. Therefore, by blocking prolactin, Cabaser can increase your libido to great extent. Thus, you will want to have more sex. You may also have multiple orgasms and stronger ejaculations. One should also mention that high levels of prolactin can cause depressive feeling and affect well-being. So, by lowering prolactin, Cabaser can make your general well-being better.


“The pleasure drug” suits for everybody and not just for those who have sexual dysfunction. Besides, Cabaser makes sexual excitement in women, because unlike Viagra, it affects the root of libido – brain.

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